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What we do?

  • Observation, interpretation, and diagnosis of animal pathology.
  • Improve animal performance and productive livestock.
  • Monitor the manufacture and putting into circulation of food products of animal origin intended for human consumption.
  • Analyze the behavior of animals.
  • Research and teaching.

Surely, the best-known difference between clinic and hospital is based on the scope of care. Clinics are private institutions that generally focus their service on outpatient care; some attend private medicine plans or social works, but many hardly offer particular consultations.

Hospitals tend to be mostly public or ‘mixed’ institutions, which charge for certain services or require particular medical coverage. Their functions usually include ambulatory care, prevention, and health promotion, intensive therapy and emergencies.

Another difference is that clinics do not always offer as many specialties as hospitals, although in many countries clinics are greatly expanding their medical care. The hospitals usually have many specialties and integrate a large medical staff, with a great experience.

Finally, we can mention that hospitals also play an important role in the training of health professionals. On the contrary, it is very rare for clinics to offer medical residency and promote the specialization of their professionals.

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