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A Veterinary Clinic is characterized by having advantages and an environment very different from traditional clinics.

We detail some of its most important characteristics so you can identify them more easily:

  • The veterinary team is prepared and able to manage situations in which the animal can be subjected to negative stimuli (pain, discomfort, illness, and etc).
  • Transformed veterinary clinics that give our furry a positive and distracting approach. In which, by positive reinforcements (sweets, caresses, games), you feel comfortable. This way, it will be calmer and we will avoid unpleasant experiences.
  • Committed to guarantee the emotional and physical well-being by adapting the space and the professional team: improved waiting rooms, special techniques of veterinarians for stress management, management of the most prescribed veterinary home-clinic transfer, use of positive reinforcement, quiet environment, among others.
  • They take care of the animal and the patient. Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of a veterinary clinic is the treatment offered to your pet, but also to its owners. They understand the bond you have, your concern and that it is not pleasant for you to see your hairy friend suffering or uncomfortable. (Bond between dog and human)

They try to constantly improve their services showing greater interaction and concern. In this way, they will get the clinic to strengthen the bond of trust with the animal, but also with the client.

The veterinary clinical hospital as an animal health promoter:

The concept of a clinical hospital is quite new in veterinary medicine. The most interesting aspect about this ‘novelty’ is the insertion and promotion in veterinary health.

This is because a veterinary clinical hospital must be designed to act as a creative platform and promoter of animal health.

That is to say: their function has to go beyond treating sick pets. All its physical and intellectual structure should be configured as a center for research, management, information and practice of veterinary medicine.

This innovative project requires the commitment of the authorities and needs to establish collaborative links with universities, laboratories, incubators, etc. In addition, it would be more than convenient sustainable financing to sustain its practices and infrastructures.

Raising this concept also means proposing an innovative discussion that encompasses health management in veterinary medicine and its practices.