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Spay it Forward!

Barn Cat Program

Our barn cat program offers reduced rate spays and neuters for 

outdoor and feral cats. For $50 each cat receives a spay/neuter, rabies vaccine and an ear tip! 

This unique program helps with cat overpopulation, eliminates nuisance behaviors of intact cats, and helps to prevent the spread of diseases.

To make an appointment call us at 402-454-2117

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Why fix outdoor cats?

Spaying and neutering has a number of benefits for both the community and the individual cats.

These include:

- Decreasing overpopulation burden on the commuity, including intakes into shelters and unwanted litters

- Increasing the individual animal's health by decreasing the risk for transmissable diseases including rabies

- Decreasing nuisance behaviors such as roaming, yowling, spraying, and fighting

- Decreasing stray kittens at risk for death by cars, predators, diseases, or euthanasia in open admission shelters.

Why do cats get an
ear tip?

The barn cat program targets feral and free roaming cats. These cats typically are not handleable or are only handleable by a few people. The ear tip designates that the cat has already been fixed without having to handle the cat. This keeps the cat from being continuously trapped and anesthetized to  verify its status as fixed or unfixed. The ear tip is a required part of the program and is required to get the discounted rate. Friendly outdoor cats are eligible for the program but are still required to get an ear tip.

Don't have feral/outdoor cats but want to help?

Consider donating to our "Spay it Forward" campaign. This program helps to fund the cost of fixing cats with no owner or caretaker. This allows them to live healthy, outdoor lives without causing stress on the commnunity. 

To make a donation contact us at 402-454-2117 or the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska

at 402- 750-4665.

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