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Spay it Forward!

Spay/Neuter Services

Helping to eliminate pet overpopulation and keeping your pets healthy

through spay and neuter is one of our passions at Madison County Veterinary Clinic. To aid with this we offer high quality, high volume spay and neuter services at reasonable prices.


This unique program helps with pet overpopulation, eliminates nuisance behaviors of intact pets, and helps to prevent the spread of diseases.

To make an appointment call us at 402-454-2117

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Feline Services 

Thanks to a partnership with the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska in Norfolk and Paws and Claws in Columbus we are able to offer reduced cost spay/neuter for house cats in Madison, Stanton, and Platte Counties. County residents pay on $60.


Not in these counties, no problem! All other county residents pay $85.

All cats must have a rabies vaccine if over 4 months old or will be given one at the time of surgery for an extra charge.

Although February is spay/neuter month this deal is available year round until all spots are filled.

This program is for indoor, house cats. These cats DO NOT get an ear tip.

 Call 402-454-2117 for an appointment.

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Barn Cat Program

Spaying and neutering outdoor cats has number of benefits for both the community and the individual cats including preventing diseases, decreasing nuisance behaviors, and preventing unwanted litters.

This program is for outdoor, feral and community cats.  These cats DO get an ear tip.

 Call 402-454-2117 for an appointment.

Don't have any cats but want to help? Consider donating to our "Spay it Forward" campaign. This program helps to fund the cost of fixing cats with no owner or caretaker. This allows them to live healthy, outdoor lives without causing stress on the commnunity. 

To make a donation contact us at 402-454-2117.

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